About Us

The Downtown Arts Association (DADA) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization consisting of visual and performing artists, businesses and residents. The DADA “footprint” includes a variety of artist’s studios, galleries, shops, retail businesses, restaurants, bars and residences located in this eclectic area of Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina located between 5th, 7th and Trade Streets. Organized in 1995, DADA began to raise awareness of the arts community and the growing “Arts District”. Through it’s signature “DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop” and co-sponsorship of various city events, DADA has infused the downtown with new life and energy, helping to build the arts district itself into a vibrant community. In the DADA mission statement is the goal of “alter conventional perceptions about downtown–just as the post-WWI abstract art movement of the same name set out to emancipate the imagination.”

DADA Officers and Board of Directors:

Marilyn M. Ingram / President

Nancy Smith / Treasurer

Board of Directors: Joe Cannon, Jason Thiel, Yolanda Moses, Rick Jones, Allison Hutchins, Will Knott (Past President)

e-mail: info@dadaws.org

website: dadaws.org – dadaws.net

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